What makes us human is how we love and care for one another, and how we together ensure that our needs for a life of quality are reliably met, in all places and at all times, for every single person. We strive to create a future where the availability of excellent healthcare accessible by every person in every place at all times is one pillar of a life of quality for all of us.
How can we achieve this?
By giving of ourselves, by sharing our lives and experiences, by awakening and inspiring good will and humanity in others, by sharing our fortunes and blessings.
SUSLink's scholarships bring promising medical teachers, medical doctors and specialists, and medical students to the USA and expose them to the best relevant experiences and information available. These scholars then utilize and proliferate the knowledge and information through their endevaors and through their social, academic and professional relationships. The end result is the eventual achievement of measurable benefits to others that were not previously available, and an improvement in the quality of medical healthcare and its availability for everyone.


Your Time and Effort
Volunteer with us, help us raise funds, help us host visiting educators, doctors and students, help us promote our mission by spreading the word.
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Your Resources and Services
Help our scholars access and benefit from educational encounters and services, help us access facilities and people that provide outstanding opportunities for learning and experience in healthcare, help us provide excellent learning resources and materials to our scholars
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Your Ideas and Experience
Share your ideas with us to improve our strategies and better achieve our goals. Share your experience with us to enhance the quality and range of our achievements.
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Your Financial Support
In a world presently controlled by money, help us access and generate necessary funds to be able to provide our scholarhsips and post-scholarship support.
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